The offices at Botho University ensure that operations run smoothly in the institution. By overseeing their respective mandate, each office contributes to the university’s flawless operations.

  • Office of Financial Management

    The Office of Financial Management commonly known as OFM, is led by the Dean with the support of the OFM team, and is responsible for the financial management of Botho University (Pty) Ltd. The main functions of OFM are the maintenance of up-to-date financial transactions, financial and investment planning, assisting students with their financial queries […]

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  • Office of External Relations

    The Office of External Relations (OER) at Botho University falls under the Pro Vice Chancellor, Internationalization and Communications. The office reports directly to the Deputy Vice Chancellor who is responsible for Communications and is headed at the (Assistant) Dean Level. OER connects the university with external stakeholders through its two sister departments: The Admissions Department […]

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  • Office of Staff, Student & Outreach

    The Office of Staff & Student Outreach (OSSO) is made up of the Human Resources Department and the Students and Alumni Affairs Department (SAAD), through which a broad spectrum of services to the staff, students, alumni and community is implemented. This office espouses the spirit of positive social change for development of individuals and the […]

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  • Office of Quality Management

    Botho University established the Office of Quality Management with a mandate to plan and implement an effective organizational quality control and assurance system for university operations. The operational frameworks should ensure that internal standards and regulatory requirements are adhered to. The approach of quality management at Botho University is in line with national and international […]

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  • Office of Academic Services

    The Office of Academic Services is devoted to making the students understand and realize their fullest potential while ensuring their smooth transition from a freshman to an academic. Our state-of-the-art campus has two offices: Office of Academic Services and Office of Research and Quality Management, as well as three different academic faculties namely, Faculty of […]

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